Artforum - Art with children and teens

Artforum aims to create opportunities for children and teens to discover art, to immerse themselves in art, and to create art. We do this because we believe that art can be surprising, enriching, and challenging. To actively engage children and teens, we always start from an encounter with an artist.

Artforum offers a wide range of workshops, productions, and projects for organizations and schools as well as many activities in which children, teens, and families can take part directly.

​What can Artforum do for you?

Do you want to cater to a specific target group? Are you looking for a project that is customized to your organization? Would you like to propose your own theme or idea? Artforum is happy to tailor projects to your specific needs and respects the uniqueness of every request. After an initial meeting, we will work with you to find the perfect content and to work out all financial and practical details.

If you are an artist or a volunteer who wants to work for Artforum, you can contact us at

​Our vision

Art is a personal and unique form of expression that reflects the social context and its evolutions. Art is always changing. With its many disciplines from different cultures that can cross over into one another, art’s diversity implies a broad outlook. Such an outlook is necessary for young people on the road to adulthood. Art is an invitation to encounter and examine the Other. Art can illuminate. It can counteract narrow-mindedness. It can elicit sympathy and it can tear down walls. Experiencing art promotes critical thinking; it is enriching and provides vision and insight. Art is necessarily diverse and inclusive.

This is why an encounter with art is an encounter with the world. Art in public spaces as well as art in artistic spaces such as museums and theatres can spark endless chance meetings and relationships.

CHILDREN AND TEENS are an important part of society. They not only live in it, but they can also shape it. Because art encourages the development of an individual identity, it is essential that children experience art as early in life as possible.

Art stimulates children’s imagination and creativity.

It encourages a critical attitude.
It makes children more tolerant of other ways of thinking and living.
It makes them more socially adept by allowing them to interact with people from very diverse background from an early age.

It gives them the opportunity to flourish in a way that is impossible in a typical school setting.

Art tells the story of the ARTIST, who works from a personal perspective. Because artists employ ideas, experiences, reflections, and expectations in their mode of expression, an encounter with the personal context of an artist is important and enriching. It is not just a simple transference of technical skills and/or formal expertise. Instead, the artist becomes a tutor, a companion, and a guide who has practical know-how and shares their work and vision. By setting to work with the artist, children and teens discover the passions, motivations, and history of the artist. This makes the work they create together more meaningful. Children and teens, in their turn, can express their individuality in their own creations and stories.

Art and culture are a fundamental part of SOCIETY. Artistic trends often reflect contemporary culture, ideas, events and themes. In an ever-changing society, art can prompt a moment of reflection, or escape. Participating in art can encourage sustainability and diversity, as well as provide social opportunities.

Artforum wants to build bridges between different artistic disciplines, target groups, and sectors. Artforum also wants to operate squarely within contemporary society, not only by providing a public platform for art by and for children and teens, but also by choosing socially relevant themes as the starting point for educational art projects.